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Evil Eye Earrings

Evil Eye Earrings

Evil Eye jewelry has endless potential and possibilities due to the ability to blend in the evil eye beads with any design and match with any color.

The evil eye earrings pictured provide a good example of how one evil eye bead change the appearance and structure of any piece of jewelry. This piece would be an ordinary piece of fashion jewelry without the evil eye bead creating the contrast and impact in the centre. Light blue glass evil eye bead makes the jewelry piece unique and something that will now match anything in a blue tone and not be just a closeout bin fashion jewelry piece. Of course, this is only looking at it from a fashion and value standpoint. The real value of the protection from the evil eye is as the commercial says…priceless.

Evil Eye with a square look?

Swarovski Style Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye beads have traditionally been round or oval.  The only square beads mostly have had the traditional evil eye look but have been mostly flat beads used for decorations more than jewelry.Recent products of lampwork give the evil eye a new look with its square evil eye beads. Available in various colors, the square beads provide a new alternative to making evil eye jewelry and give it a more refined look.

As shown in the evil eye bracelet in our photo, the square beads also provide a nice complement to the more common round/oval glass evil eye beads. It almost provides a sudden break to the usual and makes the jewelry piece stand out more. Look for this type of bead to increase in availability especially in several colors and designs as they are used more in making evil eye jewelry.

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