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All New Jeyla Jewelry Exclusives

The start of the new year brings a brand new line of Jeyla Exclusive items. Jeyla’s exclusive collection takes a simple evil eye bead and turns it into a truly unique and spectacular piece of jewelry. The collection  features over 20 new evil eye bracelets, 15 new pairs of evil eye earrings  and 15 new evil eye necklaces. 

The evil eye earring category has grown considerably with this new addition. The large selection of evil eye beads in all sizes and colors have been paired with the perfect complimentary bead to make each design breathtaking.  There is truly something for everyone in this year’s selections.

As with their collection in the past all the pieces can be customized. Matching items can be made and sizes can be adjusted.  They expect to have the collection released by mid February so make sure you check it out.

Evil Eye – Protecting but undercover

Evil Eye beads in a beautiful heart charm necklace

Most of us believe in the phenomenon known as the evil eye or perhaps just like the thought of its possibility. To others it is nothing more than superstition and some can even look down on someone who does believe in the concept and has a fear of the evil eye as most believers do hence using some kind of evil eye amulet to protect themselves from it.

A majority of us will not worry about what others think as we believe the evil eye is more powerful than a comment made by a nonbeliever. Some of us however would rather downplay the evil eye fear they have but still use its protection and would rather have the evil eye in a more subtle form. Glass evil eye beads featured in jewelry provide the best alternative to this dilemma. A few glass evil eye beads placed in a beautiful piece only accent it without taking over the entire piece. will feature several pieces such as this one pictured to give you ideas of how you can incorporate evil eye beads in any jewelry.

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