Evil Eye Beads – A perfect match everytime

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil eye beads and the wide range of types available helps in creating jewelry pieces that blend in perfectly. This might be due to the fact that the beads automatically include three colors, two of which are the black and white base colors.

The black and white colors of the eye itself enables anyone working with beads in incorporating the evil eye beads in their creation process. Whether you want your final jewelry piece to be a darker colored piece or something to brighten things up especially as we head into the spring season, the evil eye beads help create the look you want.

Annette¬†Benziger, a ¬†regular evil eye bead customer of JEYLA the Evil Eye Jewelry store, states ” Evil eye beads are a bead enthusiast’s dream come true. They are unique but can blend in. They are unassuming but catch the eye immediately-no pun intended”. That just sums it up perfectly in the sense that evil eye beads become what you want them to be. It can assume the role of complementing a jewelry piece by adding color or blend in and it can also take over the jewelry piece like a necklace by being the main part of the final piece.

Send us your evil eye bead stories as well as pictures of some of your work to be featured on our website. Provide ideas for others and show off your creativity.

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