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Evil Eye Beads – The Bright Future

Swarovski Evil Eye Bracelet

As the evil eye beads become more popular and the evil eye bead manufacturers adjust to the market needs, the colors of evil eye beads available keeps increasing. This increase is not only in terms of the variety of colors and designs but the target market that the evil eye bead designers are trying to reach.

The pictured evil eye bracelet in yellow is a perfect example of evil eye jewelry’s ability to meet any need.  This specific evil eye bracelet is made with 12mm glass evil eye beads where the eyes are slightly protruding from the rest of the bead giving it a more unique look. You can also find these beads without this quality but these beads usually lack the quality and almost have a flat finish to them. This yellow evil eye bracelet is available in several other colors that would not even be considered perhaps as few as five to ten years ago.  Some of these colors are the usual suspects like light blue, navy, black, and white but you also see some colors of the new trend such as bright pink, red, brown as well as mint green.

Evil eye beads are adjusting to the market and want to make sure they are there to fit any outfit you choose. This only makes the lives of many evil eye jewelry fans a lot easier and creators of evil eye jewelry now have many options to choose from

Evil Eye Bracelets with 8mm Evil Eye Beads

Swarovski Style Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye beads measuring 8mm and available in a wide range of colors are some of the most common beads used in evil eye jewelry making. 8mm Evil Eye beads are harder to work with due to their smaller size and also require all beads to be near perfect to create an evil eye jewelry piece that is pleasing to the eye. Irregular shaped beads will cause the bracelet to be out of alignment.  This might be true for all bracelets but as the size of the beads get smaller which increases the number of beads on the bracelet, the roundness and the perfection of the evil eye beads play a much larger role.

Pictured here is a white evil eye bracelet made with 8mm glass evil eye beads. Notice the slight protruding of the eyes. It is a small modification to the evil eye bead but a huge change in appearance for the evil eye bracelet. There are lower end evil eye bracelets made using smooth evil eye beads as well but as you will notice, these are usually acrylic beads that are produced to offer low end and cheaper bracelets that are usually mass produced overseas.

The history of the evil eye bead tells us that in order to serve its true purpose, the bead must  be glass. You can find more information on traditional evil eye beads here.

Evil Eye Charm Bracelets

Evil Eye Charm Bracelet made with 13mm glass evil eye beads

Glass evil eye beads that measure 8mm x 13mm offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to bracelet making. You can purchase these evil eye beads individually if you want and make your own evil eye bracelet with the color combination you want.

Most popular color in evil eye bracelets is blue or different shades of the blue due to the fact that the origin of the evil eye is a blue glass amulet.  Evil eye jewelry makers have made adjustments over the years to expand their customer base as not everyone is a fan of the color blue and even if they are, the color might not match the outfit. Enter the various colors of evil eye beads opening a huge range of possibilities of evil eye bracelets.

The photo of the article demonstrates one of these colors. The newly introduced purple evil eye beads have become an instant favourite and is also starting to be used in multi colored evil eye bracelets. This evil eye bracelet is very popular not only for this color but also for being a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have always kept their popularity due to their ability to adjust to current trends through the use of different beads or even charms used on these bracelets.

Evil eye charm bracelets are one of the most popular lines at JEYLA the evil eye store. The wide variety of colors attract many even though multicolored and blue charm bracelets are still the top sellers in this evil eye category.

Evil Eye – Protecting but undercover

Evil Eye beads in a beautiful heart charm necklace

Most of us believe in the phenomenon known as the evil eye or perhaps just like the thought of its possibility. To others it is nothing more than superstition and some can even look down on someone who does believe in the concept and has a fear of the evil eye as most believers do hence using some kind of evil eye amulet to protect themselves from it.

A majority of us will not worry about what others think as we believe the evil eye is more powerful than a comment made by a nonbeliever. Some of us however would rather downplay the evil eye fear they have but still use its protection and would rather have the evil eye in a more subtle form. Glass evil eye beads featured in jewelry provide the best alternative to this dilemma. A few glass evil eye beads placed in a beautiful piece only accent it without taking over the entire piece. will feature several pieces such as this one pictured to give you ideas of how you can incorporate evil eye beads in any jewelry.

Evil Eye with a square look?

Swarovski Style Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye beads have traditionally been round or oval.  The only square beads mostly have had the traditional evil eye look but have been mostly flat beads used for decorations more than jewelry.Recent products of lampwork give the evil eye a new look with its square evil eye beads. Available in various colors, the square beads provide a new alternative to making evil eye jewelry and give it a more refined look.

As shown in the evil eye bracelet in our photo, the square beads also provide a nice complement to the more common round/oval glass evil eye beads. It almost provides a sudden break to the usual and makes the jewelry piece stand out more. Look for this type of bead to increase in availability especially in several colors and designs as they are used more in making evil eye jewelry.

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