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Special Order Evil Eye Beads

Glass Evil Eye Beads

As part of their new website layout, JEYLA has now launched a new program where the evil eye website can offer an even wider range of evil eye beads with their brand new special order program.

The program enables you to have access to a wide range of sizes and colors of evil eye beads without having to order thousands of them from an overseas company you have minimal contact with. This not only enables you to be able to order more variety and get shorter shipping times. Most orders can still be shipped within a short period of time.

The launch of the program was mainly due to the increasing clientel of bead shops and bead enthusiasts the website has. ” Getting what the customer wants in the quantities they actuall need within the price range they are looking for is challenging but being able to provide this service is very satisfying” says Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. ” When I first started JEYLA jewelry over 10 years ago, I went through the same hassle. I just wanted to get some yellow evil eye beads. I did not need a thousand of them nor did I want to pay outragous shipping charges with a long wait on top of it”

The website can now offer he largest selection of evil eye beads online including some unique sizes and shapes as well as brand new Pandora style beads..more on those on our next post.

Evil Eye with a square look?

Swarovski Style Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye beads have traditionally been round or oval.  The only square beads mostly have had the traditional evil eye look but have been mostly flat beads used for decorations more than jewelry.Recent products of lampwork give the evil eye a new look with its square evil eye beads. Available in various colors, the square beads provide a new alternative to making evil eye jewelry and give it a more refined look.

As shown in the evil eye bracelet in our photo, the square beads also provide a nice complement to the more common round/oval glass evil eye beads. It almost provides a sudden break to the usual and makes the jewelry piece stand out more. Look for this type of bead to increase in availability especially in several colors and designs as they are used more in making evil eye jewelry.

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