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Evil Eye Meets Cloisonné

Evil Eye Glass Beads in evil eye bracelet

Evil eye beads have thrived in creating a very large variety evil eye jewelry designs mainly due to the variety of colors available and the ability to blend into any design.

Evil Eye bracelet pictured here is a great combination of glass evil eye beads with Cloisonne beads. Red and black evil eye eye beads measuring 8mmx13mm are able to bring out the bright colors of the Cloisonne beads creating a wonderful combination. You can get a closer look at this jewelry piece here. Coming soon is more variations of these combinations in not only evil eye bracelets but other types of evil eye jewelry such as evil eye earrings and necklaces.

Evil Eye Charm Bracelets

Evil Eye Charm Bracelet made with 13mm glass evil eye beads

Glass evil eye beads that measure 8mm x 13mm offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to bracelet making. You can purchase these evil eye beads individually if you want and make your own evil eye bracelet with the color combination you want.

Most popular color in evil eye bracelets is blue or different shades of the blue due to the fact that the origin of the evil eye is a blue glass amulet.  Evil eye jewelry makers have made adjustments over the years to expand their customer base as not everyone is a fan of the color blue and even if they are, the color might not match the outfit. Enter the various colors of evil eye beads opening a huge range of possibilities of evil eye bracelets.

The photo of the article demonstrates one of these colors. The newly introduced purple evil eye beads have become an instant favourite and is also starting to be used in multi colored evil eye bracelets. This evil eye bracelet is very popular not only for this color but also for being a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have always kept their popularity due to their ability to adjust to current trends through the use of different beads or even charms used on these bracelets.

Evil eye charm bracelets are one of the most popular lines at JEYLA the evil eye store. The wide variety of colors attract many even though multicolored and blue charm bracelets are still the top sellers in this evil eye category.

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